Beer Garden Coaster Set

Beer Garden Coaster Set


Great for any beer lover! This set of 4 photo tile coasters are durable and include a no-slip cork backing and an easy-clean high-gloss finish. A perfect place to rest a cold one at the end of a long day.

Each coaster is 4" x 4", and showcases a different image. The artwork is made from vintage magazines and vintage gardening and flower books.

These vintage beer images are sourced from old Playboy magazines. The coaster set includes a vintage Budweiser beer glass image, and vintage Michelob beer glass image, a vintage Lowenbrau beer (German beer) image, and a generic vintage image of a glass of beer. The flowers and leaves vary in color and shades of green.

  • Coaster 1: Budweiser beer glass, surrounded by red carnations

  • Coaster 2: Michelob beer glass, cradled by bird of paradise leaves (long green leaves)

  • Coaster 3: Lowenbrau beer glass (lion print in corner), wrapped in green ivy leaves

  • Coaster 4: a beer stein, surrounded by yellow and red tulips and rich green leaves

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